Gear obsession

I was watching a photography vidcast the other day (episode 13 of Photography 101) and suddenly noticed the tiny (by today’s standards) file size of the host’s images — 3.4mb on average.

Seeing as how my 12mpx camera has file sizes around the 12mb range, it led me to think that perhaps the host’s images were from a 4-5mpx camera. As the host is a pro photographer I can only assume that he was using early-adopter digital slr camera (Nikon or Canon).

The thought that grabbed me was this: if he was able to make a living with such comparatively lo-res images, then the rush to get the camera with the highest mpx sensor is a fool’s errand. Cameras will continue to improve in mpx sensor size and sensitivity, so the average photographer will never be able to afford to stay at the front of the pack.

Better, in fact, to focus our energies on creating compelling images than to chase the technological feather in the wind.

winter rose

Winter rose
105mm, 1/100s, f5.6, ISO 800

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