Night photography runs a monthly competition and I thought I’d have a go.

This month’s theme is ‘Night’ and so last night I wandered around Rundle St, the mall and down to the River Torrens in search of inspiration and amusement.

Couldn’t have been my night, because I came away disappointed with my haul of images. Here’s the best of the dismal bunch (including one in – gasp – colour!)

jules door-950x633 
Jule’s door
87mm, 1/8s, f6.3, ISO 3200


night and quiet in the city-950x633
Night and quiet in the city
24mm, 1.3s, f8, ISO 200


parliament house front steps at night-950x631
The front steps of Parliament House
20mm, 2.5s, f8, ISO 200


rundle mall sails-950px
The overhead sails at the corner of Rundle Mall and Gawler Place
40mm, 0.8s, f8, ISO 1600


nighttime on the torrens-950x631
Night time on the Torrens
21mm, 5s, f8, ISO 200

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